Location Oegstgeest: Sunterra

Sunterra, center for inspiration and development, centrally located in Poelgeest, has a beautiful, sustainable room available for yoga, mindfulness and workshops. The room is about 40 square meters and next to the room is a dressingroom. Entrance to the room is through the main entrance of the coffeehouse.

Accessibility: Sunterra can be reached by bicycle or car within 5 to 10 minutes from the major part of Oegstgeest and Leiden. Especially true for the Merenwijk and Groenoord in Leiden and Haaswijk and Morsebel in Oegstgeest.
At the Jac. P. Thijsselaan parking is free of charge.

On bike: Coming from the Merenwijk and the center of Leiden you follow the bicycle road "Broekweg" (and the bicycle tunnel under the railways), and then you arrive in the quarter
Poelgeest. The first big street is the Jac. P. Thijsselaan.
Coming from Oegstgeest you cross the big bridge and enter the quarter. You can either follow the route of the cars or the bicycle road straigth through, passing the building of the "kasteeltorens" until you reach the Jac. P. Thijsselaan.

Address: Sunterra, Clusiushof 7, 2341 PM Oegstgeest.

Location Oegstgeest: Daltonschool

The Daltonschool is centrally located in Haaswijk. Inside the school is the gym where the kidsyoga classes take place. Entrance is through the main entrance of the school over the schoolyard.

Address: Daltonschool, Jan Wolkerslaan 18, 2343 BK Oegstgeest.

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