Tips for yoga

If you do need to eat before class,
eat something light 2 hour prior to the class.

bring your own towel and possibly a small bottle of water.

comfortable clothing and bring socks and a sweater to keep you warm during the final relaxation exercise.

Mobile phones should be turned off and can be left in the dressing room.

Arrive on time. Ensure you are
present 10 minutes prior to the start of your class.

Sign up on time. As
groups are small there is room for personal attention. Are you not able to come? Please inform the teacher at least 4 hours before class.

Yoga requires
concentration. Try not to disturb the other participants.

Drink sufficient water (or tea) following your class.

Inform your teacher if you use medication and report physical and/or psycological complaints. Always consult your doctor before you start yoga if you are not sure you are completely healthy or are pregnant. Participation is on your own risk.

Listen to your body and
respect your own boundaries. Listen and follow the instructions of the teacher. Do not perform exercises or postures that are painful for you. Ask questions if you are unsure how an exercise or posture should be performed.

Yoga mats, blankets and pillows are available in the room.

The door will open around 10 minutes prior to start of the class and will close on time so the lesson can start peacefully.

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