Prenatal yoga/ Yoga during pregnancy

Would you like some time for yourself, together with your baby, and relaxation during your pregnancy? Do you want to stay fit and consciously enjoy your pregnancy? Then come and try prenatal yoga with Jeannette!

picture pragnancy During pregnancy, yoga can be a beautiful way to practise "being aware", to notify changes and signals of your body and of your baby and (to learn how) to respond to these signs. This will be practised during yogaclass by doing special yoga postures and notify the changes in your body and your breathing pattern while you are in such a posture. Every lesson has a theme related to the different phases of pregnancy. This way you will gain knowledge while your pregnancy progresses and you will prepare for the birth of your baby.

In addition to the prenatal yoga classes, a partner workshop will be organised. During this workshop, massaging techniques and exercises will be demonstrated which can be helpful in the last weeks of your pregnancy and during labour. Together with your partner you will practice these and tips and tools will be shown which your partner can use to support you during labour. Together with other participants in the prenatal class, a suitable date is chosen. It is also possible to have a partner workshop in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

The classes
are on a ongoing basis, which means you can start at any moment in your pregnancy. Most women start around approximately week 20, so you will have enough time to practise and master the (breathing)excercises before the baby is due.

You can join these classes with or without any yoga-experience, the lessons are suitable for beginners.

Feel welcome to join this on-going prenatal yoga class . You can start when normal movement becomes uncomfortable or when you want to experience your pregnancy more consciously, or just want to relax (most women start around week 20).

English spoken class is possible. The main language is Dutch and the teacher will be able to give verbal adjustments in English if necessary. When there are sufficient participants, a separate class in English may be started. Please inquire for the possibilities.

After the baby is born, you can join, together with your baby, a mother and baby yogaclass. These classes are designed to work on your own recovery and together with your baby you will perform excersises and massaging techniques that will enhance your bonding.

Allow yourself with pregnancy yoga each week a moment for yourself during which you will enhance your strength and flexibility, to come at ease and relax, so you may experience unity in your body and mind, and bonding with your baby in your growing belly.

Classes take place in the large room of Sunterra where a dressing room is available as well.

When: Thursday evening 19.15 – 20.30 hours at Sunterra, Oegstgeest
During schoolholidays there are no classes. The first class after the schoolholidays is on 24 August.

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